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Battery Backup Systems

A backup battery system can save you during a power outage, minimize your reliance on the grid, and store energy produced by solar panels for later.

A battery backup system allows for homeowners to not be reliant on the grid. It can store the energy you don’t use throughout the day and then power your home at night. During a power outage, it only takes milliseconds for power to switch from the grid to the battery backup system. A home battery system is a better power source than an emergency generator because it requires less maintenance and is better for the environment.


We can even retrofit your RV with a battery backup system.

Ready to hit the open road but hate the loud, smelly gas generators that come along with the RV life?


We've got you. You can bring your RV to us and we'll retrofit it with a battery backup system for quiet nights, just like nature intended.

Grid-tied Systems and Microgrids

Our grid-tied systems are the most popular, currently. These systems use solar, cut energy bills, and usually pay for themselves within 7-8 years.


Our Microgrid systems are off the grid and rely on renewables/solar as power. Because you are not relying on the utility power grid, you continue to power your home even during grid outages. These are the wave of the future and generally pay for the themselves within 10-12 years.


EV Chargers and Charging Stations

Electric Vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, especially with gas prices on the rise.


Having your own at-home chargers is probably cheaper than you think! Our units are $2500 installed! 

With the new I.R.A. bill passage, customers can get $1,000 back when they complete next years taxes.

We also work with businesses to provide charging stations so you can offer your employees and patrons a place to recharge.

If you're still on the fence about the benefits of Electrical Vehicles, click here for a great, informative article from Duke Energy.

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