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3 Ways to Clean Your Power

You might have heard the term “dirty power” before. Essentially, it is when the power you receive and use has spikes, dips, or surges. This can damage your appliances overtime and even cause dangerous electromagnetic fields. “Cleaning your power” refers to taking steps to minimize the amount of dirty power in your home, whether these be big or small changes.

1. Check Which Devices You Use

At this point, pretty much everything we own runs on electricity, but some devices are better known for causing dirty power:

  • Hair dryers

  • WI-FI devices

  • Video game consoles

  • TVs and computers

  • Microwave ovens

While items such as an internet modem are practically essential now, hair dryers and other small kitchen appliances don’t have to be used as often. If you aren’t able to cut them out completely, using them less frequently is a good place to start.

2. Switch to LED Lights

Compact Fluorescent Lights used to be more popular due to the fact that they use less electricity. However, some big retailers, such as IKEA, have stopped carrying them. Since CFL bulbs are known for dirtying up power, this is a good thing. LED lights are energy efficient, and you can even find some that won’t lead to dirty power.

3. Install a Battery Backup System

Battery backup systems will clean your power and help protect your appliances during power outages or surges. This is a step that should be taken if you have a big problem with dirty power in your home or you are already considering investing in a type of backup power system. If you are thinking about getting a generator, look into battery backup systems instead. They are safer, don’t require as much maintenance, and are better for the environment. Plus, they will cut the cost of your electric bill.


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